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About the Unit

The central unit of engagement with the private sector is a “center of expertise” charged with the task of introducing and disseminating the policy of engagement with the private sector, developing practices for project implementation, and playing a vital role in the delivery of early projects. The Unit sought the support and knowledge of local and international experts. The central unit of participation is a sector of the Ministry of Finance mandated by the government to oversee and implement policy.
The unit undertook the study and implementation task and coordinated with the concerned ministries and the private sector to develop the private sector participation program, develop the executive framework of the program and develop a clear action plan. One of the main tasks of the unit is to ensure that proposals for participation projects are based on a good analysis of the actual needs and value of these projects.
In all cases, the Unit's manuals on project selection - evaluation and tendering procedures - were distributed to all participating parties. This should coincide with the establishment and launching of specialized units within the relevant ministries that have plans to implement projects through the private sector participation program.
The Central Unit for Private Sector Participation, the Center for Support and Consultancy, is an expert house in the field of partnership projects with the private sector.
Examine the projects submitted by the administrative authorities for submission by the participation system, discuss the feasibility of their implementation by the participation system, and prepare a report with their recommendations to be submitted to the Higher Committee for consideration.
Modeling contracts and tender documents for participation projects.
Setting standards (standard - technical) for the implementation of participation projects.
Studying the feasibility of the submitted projects in terms of their applicability through the partnership with the private sector
Preparing a good research that ignores ignorance from the legal and technical standpoint.
Conducting financial analyzes related to government comparisons and expected values of the tender
Prepare a draft direct agreement.
Structuring the guarantees granted by the Ministry of Finance.
Study the mechanisms of the financial market.
Identify the risk matrix for projects.
Study the risk distribution.
Support the provision of affordable financing.
Stimulate the finance market.
Setting the standards of participation program according to the Egyptian laws and regulations.
Work on building cadres.
Form a grievance committee to decide the grievances of investors.

Responsibilities and duties

Develop a unified national policy for private sector participation so that its objectives and mechanisms can be understood by ministries and government agencies, funders, contractors, the press and the public.
Propose and develop new legislation and regulations for the implementation of private sector participation, which should be taken into account by all ministries that submit proposals for private sector participation projects.
Bring expertise from other countries and prepare a series of guidelines and methodologies appropriate for Egypt.
Spreading the concept of private sector participation among professional participants from the private sector (banks, lawyers, etc.)
Assist in the development of a financing structure, securities packages and a system for private sector participation.
To be an “information collector” in order to monitor the development of private sector participation projects in other countries.
Promote and develop consultancy skills to finance private sector participation projects so that they can be exported to the Eastern Mediterranean and Gulf States. This could ultimately represent a key area for high value-added business, with Cairo becoming a regional financial center.
General interface of private sector participation projects in Egypt.
Identify and study pilot projects.
Coordinating the National Program for Private Sector Participation between the various Ministries, Private Sector and Funding Agencies.
Manage partnership projects with the private sector and provide technical and consultancy expertise and ensure compatibility with the legislative framework.
Overseeing the offering process and performance monitoring committees.